Canada Disability Savings Grant
Receive up to $70,000 through the Federal Government of Canada's matching program.
There are no fees to use this service.
What is the canada disability savings Grant (CDSG)?
The Disability Grant is the government's matching program given to qualified Canadians that are living with a prolonged medical condition.
What is the disability grant?

The Program

In 2008, the Federal Government of Canada introduced the Canada Disability Savings Bond and the Canada Disability Savings Grant in an effort to help financially support persons living with a prolonged medical condition. Some highlights of the Grant program include:

A person must qualify to receive the Disability Grant.

How do I collect this benefit?

The Process

There are four steps to collecting the Disability Grant. After eligibility has been determined, a person must apply to receive their government entitlements (and any unclaimed amounts from previous years). After the Federal Government of Canada receives a person's applications, deposits (if applicable) begin in approximately 45 days from the time of submission.

1. Eligibility

Determine a person's eligibility to collect the Disability Grant. A person may determine their eligibility by using the form: Disability Bond/Grant: Eligibility.

2. Confirmation

Receive confirmation on a person's eligibility. If a person is not eligible, they will be infomed as to the reason(s) why and directed to the appropriate resources to improve their eligibility.

3. Apply

For a person that is eligible to collect the Disability Grant, they must apply to capture the benefit. In many cases, there are unclaimed amounts from previous year of eligibility that may be collected retroactively.

4. Collect

A person may continue to collect Disability Grant payments until they reach the age of 49 or until they have reached the $70,000 lifetime maximum, whichever occurs first.

Please Note: RDSP Canada does not open registered accounts. Our role is to help a person living with a prolonged medical condition determine their eligibility for the program and provide them with the appropriate information that allows a person to capture their government entitlements.

How much do i have to pay for this service?


There are no fees to use this service, it is free for Canadians living with a prolonged medical condition. This includes any assistance a person receives regarding eligibility qualifications, the Disability Bond, the Disability Grant, and the RDSP.

This is a free service provided to Canadians living with a severe, prolonged medical condition.

AM I eligible for the disability Grant?


For a person to collect this benefit, there are a number of requirements that must be met. To determine if you are eligible to collect the Canada Disability Savings Grant, simply use the eligibility form located below:

Please Note: RDSP Canada does not ask for personal information such as a person's address, SIN number, birthdate, etc. Please be sure to always protect your online privacy.